Thursday, May 12, 2016

Playing with Silkscreens Thanks to Ilysa and Kyra

Thanks to Ilysa and Kyra, I got to play with my new silkscreens yesterday.  I initially had alot of trouble getting a good coverage of paint onto the clay but I found I had much better coverage of paint if I stippled rather than dragged the paint.

I'm definately a bead kinda girl so wanted to create a range of beads and cabachons and it was very easy to manipulate the clay after the printing had been done.

Let me show you:

I tried a variety of paints, I even created my own metallic paint by adding plain sparkle mica to some plain blue paint.....yummy!!

I decided to create a range of "sheets" for bead and cabachon covering.  I haven't used these ones yet!

A bead and cabachon created using some other sheets.

A cabachon and bead using a simple black silkscreened piece.

The process was easy and very addictive.  Not sure how long the sheets will last but will keep some for a while so I know.  Hmmm think I'll be silkscreening again today!!! 

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