Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mullewa Workshops

I've spent the last couple of Thursday in Mullewa working with the ladies on some new polymer clay techniques and boy have we had some fun.  The ladies have created some incredible beads but now the challenge is to work these finished beads into sensational pieces of jewellery.  The jewellery supplies in the bush are limited so my challenge was to come up with some pieces that incorporated the beads we had created and the supplies I know they have on hand - wire, cotton cord, sari string and sari silk ribbon.  The idea is to make all our own findings and spacer beads to work with our feature beads.  I'll share some finished pics of the ladies when I get back.   

Monday, November 3, 2014

Scrappy Spiral Cane End Beads Tutorial

That's a pretty long name for this tutorial but it sums it up perfectly.  I showed you how I make those scrappy spiral beads.  Well those ends you cut off can be turned into some very awesome beads.  Here's how I do it - I'm sure there are others out there but this is my way.

Cut a circle of clay for your base bead and have your scrappy spiral end on hand.

Create a ball of clay from your solid colour and flatten your "end" by pinching it with your fingers.

Position the end ontop of your ball of clay.

Press it down so it covers the clay.

Roll in the palms of your hand to smooth.

Flatten it slightly so it's a coin shape.

Pierce with a skewer and bake.

There you have it - some very awesome scrappy spiral cane end beads.  Woohoo!!!

Skype Play Day

I looooooove Tuesday's.  

Tuesday is my studio day.  I wave the kids goodbye at 7.40am,  make myself a cuppa and head into the studio with a very excited skip in my step.  No washing, no cooking, no phone, nothing else but playtime!!!  Today I set up a skype session with a very good friend of mine and we clayed together for 4 hours.  I showed her how to make those very cool, scrappy spiral beads.  I was really happy at how some of them turned out.  

This is Steph.

and these are some of my creations for the day.  It was all about fun today.

I really love how this one turned out.

Bollywood Flowers Workshop Take 2

Another awesome day in the studio with an even awesomer (hmm is that a word??) bunch of students.  A few of these ladies have been coming to me for quite a while now but I did have a few newbies in the mix too.  Amazing results by everyone today and lots of "naughty" antics in the studio.

Let's check out some pics and see what was created.

Thanks ladies for such a fun workshop.  I really appreciate your support and can't wait for the next workshop now.  Love you all.