Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Walk on the Block...But Look a Little Closer

Yesterday hubby and I took a walk around the block to check out some of our beautiful native Aussie trees and shrubs.  I took my camera with me and looked a little closer than what I normally do...and wow, there sure were some incredible things to see.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm So Bad At Selling My Stuff!!!!

Yep I sure am...and at least it's something I can finally acknowledge and let go of.  For so many years I've created work to sell - prior to polymer it was decorative wood art, handpainted tiles, painted glassware and beading...the list goes on.

I normally do one show a year and for me, it's more of a "catch up with old friends" than a selling event.  I normally give lots of stuff away or will give discounts - every now and then I'll sell something for the listed price but not often - I am such a bad seller!!!

So, two hours into the show last year, I realised I didn't want to do this anymore - no more making to sell.  I had wanted to stop "creating to sell" for a long time but making the break was such a hard thing to do because I had done it for so long.  So that was it - the Christmas show finished and so was my selling  career - yay!!  I could finally move on.

My time now is spent in the studio exploring, playing, experimenting and coming up with new ideas...and I can spend hours at a time doing this.  It's exciting...and to know I don't have to create to sell has "freed" me in a way I guess.

My income now is from running workshops and writing tutorials and of course the occasional sale in the home studio.  Some tutorials can take hours to write - it's a huge process.  Add to that the hours and hours spent in the studio coming up with those ideas - well let's just say it can be a very time consuming process.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because I get asked quite often how I do a certain technique or what inclusions I've used or how I managed to get "that look" and sometimes I just can't answer, especially if I'm working on a new workshop idea or tutorial technique.  I know I've offended a few in the past for not giving away secrets and I'm sorry - really I am...but giving away those secrets is just like giving away the pieces I used to make to sell.  I've never been in this business to make heaps of money (that's just not me) but it's nice to make enough to buy the next stash of clay.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Importance of Play

This week in the studio has been full of fun and exciting discoveries...and who doesn't love exciting discoveries!!!  I sure do.   Let's just say I sometimes get a little...hmmmmm - over-excited perhaps??  Anyway I had good reason this week to be excited.  I finally managed to create some beads with a "grunge" look to them and boy, did that make me happy.

I started in the studio with not much of a plan in place.  I knew I wanted to create something "earthy" and that was about my only plan.

Today I sat down and documented the beads from the beginning of the week to now and I really love the progression.  I'll show you what I mean.  One idea in each lot of beads led to an idea for the next lot.
It's important to me nowdays to simply play.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Art in the Outback

Exciting times ahead!!!  I'll be heading out to Yalgoo and Mt Magnet with Raina from the Arts and Cultural Development Council and will be introducing the locals to polymer clay.  I have to say, teaching those that have never worked with this medium before is one of my favourite things - it's always so exciting.  Being in the outback and teaching the locals - well life couldn't get much better could it?  Huge thanks to ACDC and MMG for making these workshops possible.

Some new bead I've been working on to teach at these workshops.
and in some funky colours.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Amazing Janine

Janine Crudelli is a local Mullewa girl who I've known for a while now but it was only last night that I got to see in person some of her freakishly incredible work.  Janine has been creating polymer clay focal pieces and incorporating them into Art Jewellery which had me gob-smacked (that means I was speechless!!).

Let me show you some of her work.

You are truly special Janine. xxxxx

Thanks Christi

I have to say I'm feeling a little bit sad after saying goodbye to Christi this morning.  We had such a great time and she certainly made her mark here in the Midwest of Western Australia.  We loved having you Christi and I'm counting down the sleeps until you come back again - snorkelling next time right?????

Look What I Woke Up To This Morning!!

Yup - this says it all !!! 

I have to say a huge thanks to the Mullewa community for welcoming us to beautifully.  I had the most amazing sleep last night.  Thanks Rachel and Faye for everything.

Christi Workshops in Mullewa

Christi spent a day teaching the locals in Mullewa her amazing Art Vessels and beautiful Aussie Blooms class.  Wow the flowers that were created were amazing - and Aussie ones at that.  Check out some of the amazing work these gorgeous girls made.

Visiting Wildflower Country with Christi

What an awesome couple of days we've just had.  We made the hour trip inland, to the town of Mullewa and visited the beautiful wildflowers.  Wow they were beautiful.   Christi sure looks like a real nature lover here.  Thanks so much Faye and Kathy for being our tour guides.