Saturday, October 29, 2016

Swellegant Veneers and Other Bits!

I've had a fun couple of days in the studio and thought I would pop all the pics here so you can check them all out.  These veneers are all experimental using Christi's range of Swellegant Metal Coatings (which I am totally in love with now by the way).  I can't give too much away because I'll be working on a tutorial soon to show you exactly how I've been using the Swellegant products so mum's the word for now but all will be revealed soon.

Let's just check out the pics shall we.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Uuugghhhh...I Hate Finishing Pieces Off!!!

Ok it's official...I've decided I really hate finishing things off.  I love making components and beads and all sorts of bits that go together but I really struggle when it comes to the "making it up" stage. I'm sure there are a few who know what I'm talking about because I've seen many a conversation stating exactly that :)

Today was studio day (Tuesday of course) so I thought right....time to get stuck into putting some of these things together (mind you I had pieces all over the studio - I totally should have taken a pic first).  As I got into it I had boxes of wire, chain, cording, beads, findings...oh my gosh....literally everywhere.  It wasn't a pretty sight (well it was actually - I do love all that stuff).  Sometimes it just doesn't work and I'm simply not in the mood and I should have realised that right at the beginning when things started to go wrong!!  I should have packed it all away then and just played with clay but I didn't...I persisted and after the whole day all I got done was 3 pieces.  I did have to make up some additional BIG BEADS but they didn't take was the putting together...oh my can sense my frustration can't you!! hahaha

Ok I'll show you the first two that I was quite happy with.

Now I'll show you the one that I struggled with over and over.  I've realised there are at least 3 things majorly wrong with this piece but I'm so not ready to try and make another one.  I wonder if you know what I don't like?

and of course I had to play with the leftovers today - I made a little crackle bowl.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Studio Day and Swellegant

Aaaahhhh Tuesday again...gosh I've needed Tuesday this week - it's been busy.  I've had Christi's Swellegant on my clay table for a while now and just needed a good block of time to play around with it more.  I planned on doing lots of experimenting today and that's exactly what I did.  This product really is fantastic.

I played around a bit with a particular crackle I've come up with (I dare say someone has done this before me though) and am really enjoying all the possibilities.

I decided to stick to basic shapes that I knew so I didn't have to spend too much time perfecting a particular shape etc.  My focus was purely on creating crackle veneers - oh what fun today.  

You'll notice in the pics that I've placed some components together....this is how I see each particular finished piece working.  Hmm I wonder if these will ever get made up now!! :)

Let's have a look at what I got up to today. 

Two different crackles - one with Swellegant, one without.

Deep crackle with chalks and Swellegant.  Not sure how this one will seal - it may become part of an art piece so I don't have to worry about sealing it.
I love this combination.  The gentle arch, pebbles and tube bead - all my favourite components.

A close up of the tube bead.  Love the Swellegant on this one.

Hmmmm love the Swellegant on this one too...and a plain crackle added.  Again, gentle arch and pebbles finish it off beautifully I think.

Cracks are deliberate - wish there were more!!

Hmmm luscious crackle sticks.  This will become a necklace - oh and it will become mine!! hahaha

Swellegant crackle and plain crackle.

Swellegant cone.

A variety of tubes created today with a variety of different crackles.
I sure hope you like these pieces, I had fun playing....and lots more to experiment with too.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

BOHO Themed Mixed Media Art Canvas Using Polymer Clay and MOIKO Silkscreens

I'm so impatient....I should have waited to get some of Gosia's beautiful mandala silkscreens but I just couldn't!!  I wanted to try another mixed media canvas using these silkscreens and decided the tribal patterns would work well for this boho themed canvas also....oh but I really should have waited.  I guess I'll just have to do another one now.

Anyway let's get onto what has happened over the last few days.

These are the polymer clay components - you can see a little bit of mixed media in here already.  I've also used Moiko Silkscreens but really need to play around with colouring a little more with this BOHO style.  See I was way too impatient.  Note to self to slow down!

Luscious tyvek pieces.

Some boho cord and ribbon.

Yummy wire.

Oh yum!!! Shimmer sheets and Angelina Fibres.

and an assortement of other bits and pieces.
So with all my goodies collected and on my table ready to use - it's time to piece the zigsaw puzzle together.  Things got wired to other things, bits got wrapped, pushed and covered, paper got melted, fibres got singed and after all that....these are some of the little creations that evolved.

Lots of these pieces are incredibly shiny so it's very hard to get a good pic without the glare.

Some individual components.



 Lots of these pieces can be interchanged because the colour scheme is similar throughout.  

I sure hope you like these.

Bye for now.