Friday, December 2, 2016

Check Out The New Website

I'm so very excited to announce my website is now up and running.  An incredibly talented friend of mine has just finished creating the new site and has managed to convert all my blog posts to the new location and I love the way it looks.

Here's where to find the website:

I'll still be blogging on a regular basis but will be doing this directly from the new site.  I'll also be creating some new tutorials which will be available to purchase through the website as well.  I'll also make sure to get the free YouTube videos included as well (that's on my to do list).

The new tutorial Kato Liquid Clay and So Much More is finished and now available for purchase. You can find the tutorial here:

I must say a huge thanks to Rachel Weaver for her amazing skills in creating the website.
Thank you Rachel.

So I guess, I'll sign off from here and see you on the new platform.

Bye for now.