Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bollywood Flowers Workshop

19 October 2014
Who’s ready for more flowers?... me!!!  I can never get enough of them.  Why don’t you join me for this fun workshop and we can make flowers together.
 I’ll be showing you how to create a basic polymer clay flower and will also offer a number of variations to create many different looks.  You can then turn these flowers into pendants, brooches, earrings or embellishments for other art projects.
Get in quick as numbers are limited.

Where:                315 David Road, Waggrakine
When:                 Sunday 19 October:  9.30am – 1.30pm
Registration:       Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class starting
                            to allow for registration and to get yourself settled (and 
                            for a quick chat of course)
Cost:                    $55 all inclusive – morning tea provided
                             Please contact me for direct deposit details.
Contact:               Debbie Crothers
                             99381217, 0477949117 or

Hope To See You All Soon

Many Thanks

Monday, September 22, 2014

Scrappy Stripes Tutorial

Taking the time to experiment this year has lead to all sorts of very cool discoveries.  Now I'm almost certain someone would have worked out this little tip already but here's a great way for creating a striped veneer - but stripes with a difference!!

Take a bunch of scraps and chop roughly with your tissue blade.  I've kept mine in colours that I know will work together if they blend a little too much.  

Bunch all this up into a log shape compressing as you go to release any air pockets.

Now start twisting.....not you! the clay.

Once you've got some good twists happening, start to flatten the clay into a flat rectangular shape.

Keep shaping...

and keep shaping...

then run this through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Fold and roll through the machine again.  Don't forget to check both sides of your clay after every roll through to see if there's anything that you really love.  There you have it - a beautiful sheet of stripes to work with.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thanks to the Team at CraftArtEdu

I started created tutorials this year for Donna's online university, CraftArtEdu.  The whole team have been sensational and I've managed to create some tutorials I'm incredibly proud of.  Thanks to everyone for making this dream a reality for me and I look forward to creating many more tutorials.

Copy and paste the link below to view the latest tutorial and check out all my other classes.

Surface Embellished Bangles

Flowers Three Ways

Surface Embellished Beads

Symbolic Beads

Surface Embellished Beads

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mt Magnet Nightlife!!

So workshops are finished - time to head home soon but not before we kick up our heels.  I've absolutely loved this adventure.  It's been awesome to have Raina with me and together we've shared a wonderful journey with polymer clay into the Outback.  

We had a yummy dinner, played pool, did some go-go dancing and laughed...alot!!  Now I know it looks like we are the only two in the whole pub but there were actually 5 of us all together - BIG NIGHT!!!! :)  We had fun!!

Thanks to Raina from ACDC for creating the project - Art in the Outback.  Thanks MMG for the funding and huge thanks to all those who were involved in organising or participating in the workshops.

Champions...yet again.

Raina getting her go-go on.

...and go-going again.

Karen (Cooke) I have my little white tutu on but it's a bit hard to see in this pic.  Will have to get a better one to show you.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mt Magnet - Day 2 of Workshops and Some Gorgeous Finished Pieces

Today was mostly a free play day although I did show them all quite a few different ways to create some spekky beads.  It was a fun day, especially as we saw completed pieces come to life.  What incredible students.  Let's have a look at what ended up on the tables and necks today.
Karen looking glamorous in her swirl beads teamed with jet.  She was so proud of her creations.

Hmmm I wonder what this will become.  They look gorgoues in real life.

Created by NoNo.

Gorgeous "painted" with clay beads.  Beautiful set this one.

Created by Annie - these ones are stunning.

Jade created an amazing piece - I've yet to see it put together.

Annie and her beautiful beads.

Aha!! so that's how it goes.  Awesome Jade.

Some very cool looking components.

...and they look sensational made up in a necklace.

NoNo and her beautiful blue flower bead.

Maureen proudly wearing her mokume gane bead necklace.

Jade with her "painted" clay pendant.

Janine's incredible beads.  Love the emu foot.

and her collection of treasures to keep forever.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mt Magnet - Day 1 of Workshops

After seeing what the ladies in Yalgoo loved creating, I questioned if I should go into this workshop with a similar plan or should I show them something completely different.  I decided to work on a few different projects, with the thought in the back of my mind that if they got together to create as a group, they could then teach the others what they had learned.   Hmmm now you can have the best plans in place and think you're on the right track but I decided to listen to the group and work on something I had no intention of showing them whatsoever.  Anyway, whatever the project - they fell in love with polymer clay - who wouldn't!!!!

Here are some of the gorgeous girls - oh and Brendan of course.  Check out the incredible space we're in too.  What an awesome spot to run a workshop.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

And Trekking Further into the Outback...

Day 3 of our Outback trip is an exciting one.  Weather is awesome, countryside even better.  Can't wait to get to Mt Magnet.  Let's check out some of the pics.

Lots of gorgeous, open skies in the outback and lots and lots of land.

and the biggest road-trains you'll ever see on the road...I'm frightened of passing these ones but luckily the roads are pretty straight.

The famous Swagman Roadhouse.

Amazing outback plants.

This is the main street of Mt Magnet.  
and the Wirnda Barna Art Gallery where the workshops will take place.  Oh and this is Brendan by the way - he's the Gallery Manager and Co-Ordinator of Community Arts and Culture.