Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Deb's Disperse Dye Kit

...well it's not really mine of course, that's just the name of the kit!

For those who want to know where to purchase disperse dye from...this is the place I highly recommend:

Pro Chemical and Dye

This is a direct link to Deb's Disperse Dye Kit:

Deb's Disperse Dye Kit

I've been working quite a bit with disperse dyes over the years and have tried many different brands. If you want some great ideas on how to use disperse dye with polymer clay then I would highly recommend the tutorials I've created for CraftArtEdu.  The "Surface Embellished Beads" class goes into quite a bit of detail about disperse dye and there are numerous tips and tricks in the class that I think are pretty awesome (well it's my style that's for sure). and the "Contemporary Tribal Pendant" marries disperse dye and paint.

Disperse dye never ceases to amaze me.  These pieces were all created about 6 years ago now but they're still some of my favourites.

More About Delicious Disperse Dyes

Did you know there's a number of different ways you can use disperse dyes with polymer clay?  Here's some of the things I've made over the years, all using disperse dyes.

and did you know I now have two classes available through CraftArtEdu that both use disperse dyes but in completely different ways.


Delicious Disperse Dye

Just released today at CraftArtEdu is my new tutorial, Contemporary Tribal Pendant.

...and as a special bonus to this class, I've included the yummy, Debbie Sanders inspired, faux lampwork beads with friendly plastic.

For those of you who purchased the Surface Embellished Bead class, you would already be aware of how awesome Disperse Dyes are but for those of you who don't know, this would be a great time to check them out.  

I've been playing around with these dyes for a very long time now and am always amazed at how beautifully they work with polymer clay and how incredibly versatile they are.

As a special treat, I teamed up with Pro Chemical and Dye to create a sample pack of 6 luscious disperse dye colours especially for CraftArtEdu customers who purchase the Contemporary Tribal Pendant tutorial (well in fact, anyone can purchase these dyes), all at an incredibly special price.

This is where you'll find them:

I really hope you like this new class and hope you enjoy playing around with these gorgeous powders...oh and of course the amazing paint.