Saturday, May 7, 2016

Giving Thanks to Sharon Solly

Following up on my post from yesterday about using a heat gun to cure Kato Liquid Clay, I would like to give thanks to Sharon Solly.  Sharon created some amazing Faux Lampwork polymer clay beads and wrote a tutorial on them which was published in PolymerCafe magazine.  This was the very first PolymerCafe magazine I ever purchased.  I fell in love with those beads and knew I wanted to try and recreate them.  Of course the tutorial required Kato Liquid Clay and a heat gun.  I didn't have a heat gun so hubby bought me one and I was hooked.  So huge thanks to Sharon for explaining her process and for creating such amazing beads.
Those beautiful beads.

This is the magazine, back in October 2008.

and this was my little feeble attempt all those years ago!!

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