Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Image Transfer Cabs and More

Today was Tuesday....yes another full-on studio day and was really happy with some of the finished pieces.  I knew I was going to be working on some cabs so created some hand shaped cabachons Monday night ready to work with.  I had an idea of incorporating some image transfer pieces in the mix so picked out a few lovely ladies I wanted to use as well.  The images were purchased about 6 years ago from Carol Murphy in the US.  Her business name was Altered By Design but unfortunately Carol doesn't produce these images any more.  I've also included some cabachons that incorporate a range of different veneers including veneers using silkscreens from


The veneers looked so beautiful all together on the table that I decided to incorporate them into some concentric circle pendant pieces.  You can find my tutorial for this at CraftArtEdu but I demo many different veneers (not these ones).

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thank God It's Tuesday!!!!!

Tuesday is my absolute favourite day ever......I love, love, love a Tuesday.

About 15 years ago hubby joined the local Rostrum Group and their meetings were held on a Tuesday night which meant he had dinner out ever Tuesday so the kids and I decided to make every Tuesday night cereal night! oh yeah!

Tuesday evolved and I ended up making it my studio day.  I decided to not do any housework, shopping, cooking, washing, gardening (haha not that I do that anyway) or bookwork. I don't answer the phone, I don't have visitors, I don't go anywhere, I don't book appointments.....every single Tuesday is MY DAY!!!!

It's my day to just play with whatever I like.  I might clean off my workspace completely and start fresh or I might continue the play from my last studio time...whatever I do, it's always so awesome to know I have the whole day..and you know it's amazing how productive I am in the studio on a Tuesday, it seems to be that day that everything turn out the way you want it to.

Now I do have lots of other time in the studio, but there's always that nagging in the back of my mind saying...better get dinner sorted, better hang that washing out, gotta go to work, better go to the hairdresser now - I'm sure you know what I mean.

Tuesday is the day that my brain is clear and I don't have to think of anything else....and it's so freaking awesome!!!

Here's what I got up to today.
Something new!!

I worked with some new veneers.

More new veneers.

Gosh I love Mylar.

Foils and "a secret ingredient"!!

Some new tube beads with the new veneers.

More new tube beads.

Cabachon with new veneers.

Tube bead with new veneer.
A complete play bead!!


Friday, July 1, 2016

One Thing Leads to Another......

What happens when you have a million different veneers of clay on your workspace and you want to try everything all at once?....well you just combine them all don't you!!

I had been playing with the silkscreen cabachons (using screens from Ilysa and Kyra at PolymerClayTV), also incorporating crackle sheets from Tina Holdens crackle tutorial and decided to play around with some beads as well.....the result....a Technique Fusion Bead.  These beads incorporate a range of different veneers from Tinas crackle, silkscreens, foiled clay, mica shift, faux lampwork and some additional surface embelishing.

Let's have a look at some of the finished pieces.  Most of these have at least two layers of Kato liquid clay on them...the shine is amazing.