Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mullewa March Workshops - Polymer Clay

After such a great day yesterday I was really excited to share my passion for polymer clay with the ladies involved in this programme.  Only one of the students had ever worked with polymer clay before so I knew it was going to be an exciting and challenging day.  I structured the class slightly, but knew I would have to "go with the flow" to a certain extent.   We ended up with some lovely beads at the end of the day and with their newly learned jewellery skills will now be turning their beads into some lovely finished pieces.

Huge thanks to Sheree, Rhonda and Mel for looking after me so well.  I had a beautiful time.

Mullewa March Workshops - Felting

After working with these lovely ladies last year doing some beading projects I was really excited to head back to Mullewa...this time to do some simple felting and polymer clay.  It was great to catch up again, meet some new students and have some fun.

As these ladies have never had any experience with either felting or polymer clay I decided to keep it really really simple and "go with the flow" so to speak.

I showed them how to make some multi-coloured round beads, we did some basic cording and then felted soaps.   I hadn't planned on creating felted flowers but a few were interested to learn so we stumbled through the steps together and some of the flowers ended up really quite sensational.

Here's a sample of what was created on Tuesday.

Thanks Dani and All in Melbourne

I had the most amazing time in Melbourne and have to say, I was incredibly sad to leave.  It was like leaving family!!  It only took 3 days to make a connection that I know I'll share for life.  Huge thanks to Dani for inviting me to teach at her beautiful home and studio.

Many thanks also to Nick (Dani's wonderful partner) for looking after us all wonderfully and of course to Dani's mum Jackie.

and a special thanks to all the students for making the last three days sen-freaking-sational.  Love to you all. xx

The Whimsical Bead Workshops (Melbourne, Aus) - Final Day

Today sees us repeat the projects from Day 1 as we had an overflow of students wanting to do this class.  I met more lovely students again today and was all set for an awesome creating day.  A gorgeous lady by the name of Brooke booked in for all 3 days even though the final day was a double up of day 1.  I decided to plan some additional projects for both Brooke and Dani and was going to make sure Dani had a play day today (instead of her usual running around after me).

So we had Impressed Components and Image Transfer Beads on the agenda today and I even managed to work in some practice spatter beads which turned out so incredibly awesome.  We had lots of happy students today.  Let's just have a look at a range of pics from today shall we.

The Whimsical Bead Workshops (Melbourne, Aus) - Day 2

After such an exciting day yesterday, I couldn't wait to get back into the studio to teach more amazing students.  Day 2's projects were Funky Flowers and Symbolic Beads (my absolute favourite).   After working with white clay all day yesterday it was nice to get stuck into some colours.

Our flowers turned out amazing.  Some very talented students attending these workshops I have to say.

Hmmm now a little note here - I completely forgot to get my camera out during our flowers class so I had to rely on Dani for the one and only pic of our flowers!!!!  Thanks Dani.  I made up for it by taking absolutely heaps of the Symbolic Beads in the afternoon.

Here is the one and only pic of the flowers.  You might also note we made some very awesome scrappy spiral beads from the flower cane offcuts - pretty speccy I have to say....and I sincerely apologise to those ladies who didn't get their flower photographed.

So let's check out some of the absolutely incredible Symbolic Beads that were created.  

Awesome day with some awesome people.  Huge thanks.