Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flower Fever

What a sensational day yesterday........long and exhausting.......but sensational!!!!

I held two workshops in the studio yesterday - learning how to create hand sculptured flowers.  I had lots of newcomers to polymer clay as well which was sensational to see (lots of new polymer clay addicts now that means!!!).

Let's check out what we did.

The Morning Class

and the finished flowers.......pretty amazing!!!

The Afternoon Class

and the finished flowers from the arvo class.  Most of these ladies were newbies - fantastic.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Very Cool Spiders

Now I'm in blog mode, I just had to share the pics of the beaded spiders my gorgeous homeschoolies and I made.  We loooooooooved the shadows they created.

Creative Homeschool Kids

For about the last 12 months I've had the pleasure of getting creative with 4 incredible kids who are homeschooled by their mum.  They come to me about once a month and we "play" together.

Last week we created mixed media woven wall hangings.  They turned out incredible.  I thought it would be great to share as it's such a fun and interesting little project for anyone actually.  The kids and I loved it.

Here's their creations.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Is In The Air!!!! (Lanlach Surprises Us All) we all thought Lanlach was your typical, "blokey" UCI, but underneath that crazy, tough exterior he's just a big marshamallow!! and a marshmallow who leaves a slimey, glittery trail where ever he goes.

Now Rachel doesn't know this part of the story - but I really think they need to get "hitched" or "ditched" as it's called in the UCI world!!

So in the dark of night, when no-one was watching, Lanlach "slimed" Harley and she said yes!!! woohoo - there's gonna be a wedding!!  (now there's a good excuse for a whole new wardrobe of shoes!).

Lanlach and his glitter slime - and yes he even oozes glitter stars - what a guy!!!!
oops he's just slimed Harley - check out her arm!!!!

Love is in the air!!!! woohoo

Monday, February 10, 2014

Check Them Out Now!!!

Awww the little family is complete (just have to create Lanlach's glitter slime!!).

They are just too cute as a couple.

Lanlach and his original design.

Harley, Gippy and their original design.
The happy family.
 ......but the project is not complete.  There's still more to the story!!!  Time for some more collaboration with the gorgeous Rachel.  Wonder what will happen next..............

The Making of Lanlach

I found Lanlach so much fun to make - he's just awesome.  I think because I know his personality, it was just really cool to see him evolve into a 3dimensional piece - right down to his belly button fluff!!!

Let's check out how he came about.
The start of his horny tail and "back bits".

Giving him colour and spots.

Creating his upper body complete with "scarry" arms and chest muscles!!
Adding the main body to the tail.
Harley look on with delight as Lanlach is created.  An eye and tongue complete with tongue stud give him personality.
They're all ready to bake. 

The Making of Harley Continues.........

Dusty and I decided to have a play around on the weekend to finish off Harley and she's turned out quite beautiful we think.

No wonder Lanlach is madly in love - she's a classy sheila!!!

Dusty has created all her shoes - she even did itty bitty stitching in the sandshoe - oh my gosh - that girl can work teeny!!

Rachel created the handbag when she was here the previous weekend (the same time she created Gippy).  She's a bit of a natural as I said.

Let's check out how Harley evolved.

The sandshoe with teeny stitching and striped sock.

With all her legs!!

With arms, skirt, belt and bag.

She's looking hot!!

and yes, she has fishnets under that skirt!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time to Introduce You to Gippy!!

Gippy is a gorgeous little thing...and she's another UCI (Unidentified Character of our Imagination).

Gippy is owned by Harley and Lanlach and is a much loved pet in their little family.

Today Rachel brought Gippy to life and what an incredible thing it was to witness.  From originally creating the characters on paper with Rachel, to then seeing them "grow" into a 3 dimensional being is truly amazing.  I loved every second of it - today was awesome.

Best to show you in pics.....oh and by the way, it appears Rachel is a natural at polymer clay!!!

Rachel getting a feel for the clay - about ready to start.

Body created and ears done - yay!
Hmmmm what sort of eye should Gippy have?

She definately needs a mouth.

oops - it appears she's a boy!!!!

yummy - "eyeing" off that cake!

he now has a collar........

and little black ears and tail - yup definately a boy!!

oh my gosh - he's just sooooo cute.  Those fangs are adorable.

Proud "mummy".  Well done Rachel - he's sensational.