Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's Introduce you to Rachel

I'm 29 years old :( how depressing boo! .... Born in Geraldton, spent my very early years living in Cue and Leinster. After graduating high school, I completed my BA in Vis Art in 2004. Not long after I submitted a successful proposal to create artworks and mobiles for the Children's Ward of the new Geraldton Regional Hospital. On completion of this, I began working and still do, as a graphic designer.

I have participated in many group exhibitions locally and interstate, and had my first solo show "Monster Mash" in 2010 at ACDC Gallery. I was a successful entrant in the 2013 Midwest Art prize with my digital canvas print "If the world had ended". I have dabbled in many different mediums over the years (print making, sculpture, textiles, jewellery, photography etc) but have returned my focus to illustration which I have always loved and enjoyed.

My artworks (handrawn & digital) are created to be enjoyed by both adults and children alike, with an emphasis on quirky character creation and a bold use of colour. My illustrations are generally created using pens, pencils, markers and watercolour. I find many things inspiring such as the horror genre, retro cartoons, video games and childhood memories.

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