Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Precious Powders

Working with powders is exhilarating - I simply love it.  If you're interested to see what I've done, grab yourself a copy of  the latest "The Polymer Arts" magazine.   Sage puts together an incredible magazine with inspiration everywhere.  Thanks Sage for allowing me to be part of it all.

My latest tutorial, "Surface Embellished Beads" will soon be released through CraftArtEdu as well which showcases a special powder I've been working with over the years.  There's plenty of tips and tricks included in the class, together with some great variations on the basics and I'll also share with you some incredible products I've discovered along the way.


  1. Debbie, well done on being published! I've only just received the magazine in which your article appeared. I've only recently subscribed and had a few back issues in the deal.

    I love, love what you did with the powders! I tried to do the same today but it was not a success :-) Not sure where I went wrong but I'll keep plugging away until I get it right.


    1. Thanks so much Chrissie - awesome to hear you're getting the magazine now, it's such a fantastic read. Glad you like the powders too. I did lots of experimenting too Chrissie so don't be disheartened if you don't get the results you want the first time. Don't throw those beads out either, best to keep them and record what you did so you know "not" to do that next time. :) Thanks for the beautiful comment Chrissie. xx

  2. From one West Aussie to another - you are most welcome. Credit given where credit due :-)

    Using an embossing gun rather than a heat gun may be part of why it was not a total success. It doesn't generate enough heat so takes ages to make the clay go 'off'. Also I found it difficult to apply the Kato Polyclay as it is so thick. Can it be thinned for easier application?
    I'll be hanging onto those beads as they are part of the learning curve. We never stop learning, do we :-))

    1. Hey Pica, are you from West Aus too honey? Whereabouts love? ....and yes, definitely would have been that embossing gun!! You have to use heat gun - heavy duty, industrial heat gun. The embossing guns just don't get hot enough so you will be there forever trying to get that kato liquid to go crystal clear. Yes you can definitely thin the kato liquid down, use Sculpey clay softener. It comes in a small bottle, liquid form and simply apply a couple of drops, mix and add more drops until you get a pva glue consistency. Too runny and it's going to run straight off the bead so make sure to check on that as you go. And you are soooooooo right Pica, we never stop learning. Glad you'll be keeping those beads. Take care. xx