Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Is In The Air!!!! (Lanlach Surprises Us All) we all thought Lanlach was your typical, "blokey" UCI, but underneath that crazy, tough exterior he's just a big marshamallow!! and a marshmallow who leaves a slimey, glittery trail where ever he goes.

Now Rachel doesn't know this part of the story - but I really think they need to get "hitched" or "ditched" as it's called in the UCI world!!

So in the dark of night, when no-one was watching, Lanlach "slimed" Harley and she said yes!!! woohoo - there's gonna be a wedding!!  (now there's a good excuse for a whole new wardrobe of shoes!).

Lanlach and his glitter slime - and yes he even oozes glitter stars - what a guy!!!!
oops he's just slimed Harley - check out her arm!!!!

Love is in the air!!!! woohoo

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