Monday, September 22, 2014

Scrappy Stripes Tutorial

Taking the time to experiment this year has lead to all sorts of very cool discoveries.  Now I'm almost certain someone would have worked out this little tip already but here's a great way for creating a striped veneer - but stripes with a difference!!

Take a bunch of scraps and chop roughly with your tissue blade.  I've kept mine in colours that I know will work together if they blend a little too much.  

Bunch all this up into a log shape compressing as you go to release any air pockets.

Now start twisting.....not you! the clay.

Once you've got some good twists happening, start to flatten the clay into a flat rectangular shape.

Keep shaping...

and keep shaping...

then run this through the pasta machine on the thickest setting.

Fold and roll through the machine again.  Don't forget to check both sides of your clay after every roll through to see if there's anything that you really love.  There you have it - a beautiful sheet of stripes to work with.


  1. Great tutorial. Thank you. you are #11111111111111111111111111

  2. Thanks so much Sandra - that's so sweetxx of you honey.

  3. Here we go again. Debbie, you are so clever. I really like the results. Who would have thought. DEBBIE, that's who!

  4. Then, turn that beautiful sheet into an equally beautifully bargello. :)