Monday, September 19, 2016

Huge Thanks to Central Regional TAFE in Geraldton

I wanted to again stress, how incredible it was to utilise the ceramic and glass studio at Central Regional TAFE in Geraldton over the weekend for the Christi Friesen Workshops.  This space is huge and it easily accommodated the 20+ students we had for each workshop with room to spare.  There was certainly lots of eye candy for our students to oggle over as well which we all sure did.  Thanks again to Lexie Lazenby for allowing us to use this space.  Many thanks again to Kimmy Tetlow for clearing and organising the space for us - simply amazing and also thanks to Peta Riley for coming along and joining us for a small portion of the weekend.  You guys are awesome!!!
Peta Riley

Lexie Lazenby

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