Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working on Her Shoes

I asked Dusty to help me in the studio making Harley's shoes and yay! for me, she said yes.  Dusty is super awesome at working on a teeny scale.  Let me show you what's happened so far:

Dusty working on the orange gum boot.

Creating the stitch lines!!!!  Who would do that??

The finished gum boot - very cool I think.

and the making of the foot - she's even created toenails!!

a very cool Aussie thong.

making the stilleto with fishnets.  I wondered how she was going to do this one.
too gorgeous.
 One more shoe to go - a sandshoe and stripey socks.  We need to work on refining the stilleto and tweaking the fishnets.

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  1. Looking good ladies! I love the polka dot boots best (but I love all boots!)